You and your friends want to have fun

CS:GO is a lot more than just competitive play. Rent your own CS:GO server and play dodgeball, yologames and zombies with your friends.

You want to spend time in the game

At Squad Server we believe that you want to play CS:GO and not configurate servers. That's why we created a highly specific CS:GO control panel. Made only for CS:GO and nothing else.

You and your friends want low ping

We have servers across the globe, choose one that is near you.

Server locations

Currently we have servers at the following locations:

  • Amsterdam

Slots & Tickrate

All our CS:GO servers have 32 slots and the tickrate can be set to 128, 102.4 or 64.

You just want to pay for the server when you use it

You don’t want to pay for a full month.
You just want to play a few hours this evening.

Only pay for the server when you use it

We believe that you just want the CS:GO server for a few hours at a time. Why would you pay for the server when you don't use it? That's why Squad Server rent out servers per hour basis. Here's how it works:

1. You Start Your Server

When you start the server we start a stopwatch that counts how many hours your server has been powered on.

2. You Have Fun

You play and have fun with your friends on your server.

3. You Stop The Server

It's late and everyone is going to bed. You stop the server and we stop the stopwatch. If you have used the server for 3 hours we charge you for 3 hours. If you have used the server for 1 hour we charge you for 1 hour.

Try a new CS:GO experience today!

You and your friends won't forget this evening.

A new CS:GO experience

You will have a lot of fun at your own CS:GO server. Try multigame, play a dodge ball tournament, take an adventure on a adventure map, challenge your friend on 1v1, try out surfing and a lot more! CS:GO is so much more than just the standard match making games.

An awesome control panel

You don't need to waste hours on learning cryptic RCON commands. Everything you need is available as a quick action button. You will also always stay in game as you can control the CS:GO server from your phone or tablet.

Low ping and 128 tick

We have servers across the globe so you get a low ping.

Pay per hour

Just pay for the CS:GO server when you actually need it. Rent a CS:GO server and play some hide and seek for a few hours. Rent a server and practice smokes with your clan.