Are the servers private or public?

It is up to you, when you create a CS:GO server you can choose between a private or a public server. The price is the same.

How many players (slots) can join the servers?

All our CS:GO servers have 32 slots (32 players).

Can I change the tickrate of the server?

Yes, when you create your server you can choose between 64, 102.4 and 128 tickrate. If you are going to play a surf map you need to set the tickrate to 64 or 102.4 to avoid ramp glitches.

How do I contact Squad Server?

The best and fastest way is to email us at porWxayquapxI8rvesm9grgnmKu. You can also reach us at our twitter account @SquadServer_org.

How do I play workshop maps?

  1. To play any custom workshop map, go to the steam workshop and find an awesome map
  2. When you have found a map you want to play, copy the number after the ?id= part in the URL. If you for example would like to play Dust 2 Night (the URL is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419646474&searchtext=dust) you would copy the number 419646474 from the URL.
  3. Paste the number in the control panel ("Change map" -> "Workshop map (ID)") and press "Change map". The CS:GO server will start to download the workshop map. After a few seconds the map will be downloaded and the server will change map.

What is RCON?

RCON ("remote console") is a way to send console commands to your CS:GO server. With RCON commands you can change map, change gravity, cheats, add and kick bots, turn off recoil and much more. You don't need to use RCON commands at Squad Server as our custom control panel has actions for all common RCON commands such as playing competitive, kick bots, play workshop maps, turn off recoil etc.

However, in some cases we don't provide a GUI for uncommon RCON commands you might need, in these cases you can type your commands in the ("RCON command" -> "RCON command") field and press "Run RCON command" to execute your custom command.

We have a list of some useful RCON commands if you would like to try out RCON.

How do you handle payments?

All payments are handle by Stripe, which is the same payment gateway Humble bundle and Kickstarter uses. Each transaction is made over a secure AES encrypted HTTPS connection. Also note that Squad Server doesn't store any card information or addresses, everything is handled by Stripe.